10 Absolute Necessary Tools to Start a Business Online

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First of all, you need some basic important things to build up an online business.

As an online entrepreneur, you need a budget to start with. That can seem very obvious but you’ll be surprised that there many who aren’t even considering to put some money into building a business. In order to start a business, you have to make some money first and invest it in your business. Starting a blogging business, for example, is very cheap, buying a domain name and hosting has cost me around 50 dollars. Eventually, you want to invest more to scale your business.
You might also take a training or a course along the way. There are some very useful courses, designed especially for moms who don’t have much time on their hand and who are not that tech savvy. In order to build your business step by step, you have to invest in yourself first and deepen your knowledge for you to be able to set up and scale your business faster. You can do it all by yourself by gathering an overload of free information on the internet but you have to look for shortcuts to build your business more efficiently.

Once you’ve done this you can you can start building your website. Think of a domain name and start creating a website, the best platform to use and that everybody advises is WordPress.org. Many people do not know the difference between a website and a domain name. This analogy is very often made: your website is like your house and your domain name your address. You can buy your domain name via Godaddy.com or you can do it directly via the link WordPress provides you when you follow the step by step guide to set up your website on WordPress.
Notice that when you create your website on WordPress that there’s a difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. The latter is free, but you don’t own the content once created, it’s WordPress that own it, as opposed to wordpress.org. So if you’re starting a business it’s recommendable to use wordpress.org  where you have to pay for hosting services. If you’re already on wordpress.com, you can convert to .org as well. For hosting I use Siteground. They have an amazing helpdesk, they are there to help you 24/7.

Honestly, all the technical stuff like installing a theme and plugins is what puts people off. If you do not want to bother you can hire someone on Fiverr to do it all for you. When you’re a starter you want to try out the free themes first, they are very easy to work with, once you start growing you can experiment with the paid themes, that look more professional.

Now, create great content and or services, focus on helping people and solving problems and create your own unique style.

Start presenting and promoting your website or blog on social media and start drawing traffic to your website. If you’re in the mom niche the best medium by far is Pinterest followed by facebook, youtube and then Instagram and twitter.
To grow your email list, create freebies and promote them on social media. This email list is very important if you want to sell your own products in your business.

Let’s get into the necessary tools now:

1) Siteground or Bluehost for hosting. They’re both easy to use and good hosting services, however, most give preference for Siteground for speed, uptime and for several other reasons.

2) Google analytics is a free service of Google, which allows you to analyze data like how people find your website, their location, what they click most on your website and so on. Very helpful in creating content and to optimize your SEO.

3) Buzzsumo is a research and monitoring tool, which allows you to see what is shared most on websites, that way you can get inspired for content creation.

4) Grammarly is used for correcting grammar and spelling, it is very helpful because a typo is made very quickly, but also in case you’re not a native speaker

5) Canva, Poweroint or Pick Monkey are very useful for creating images. Good images are extremely important because it’s what catches the eye first. A good image is what triggers people to read your post or visit your website. With these graphic design tools you can also create freebies, printables, infographics etc…

6) Tailwind, is used for looping images in Pinterest. Pinterest is very underrated when it comes to drawing traffic. If you’re marketing to women or moms, this is the place to be. The more you pin and repin, the higher the traffic. You can do it either manually or schedule a looping system to do it for you. Broodrooster used to be a good tool, but Pinterest has banned it recently.

7) Trello is very helpful for planning your tasks online. Although you could just use a pen and paper, it’s better to use both.

8) Similarweb is a tool that estimates traffic that a website has. You can compare yourself in the same niche and see how your competitors do.

9) www.answerthepublic.com is a great website that can be utilized for content creation. You type your keyword or niche you work around and …voila a ton of questions for an inspiration of new content with a focus on solving problems

10) MailerLite is used to collect email addresses with forms and to send out newsletters to your subscribers. You can use it if you’re a starter you can use it for free when you have up to 1000 subscribers. Once you’ve grown your email list you can upgrade to a paid plan or switch to other services like Convertkit.

Convertkit is amazing, most of the bloggers use Convertkit when they start to grow a little. Definitely worth the try.