10 Absolutely necessary Products For a Newborn

You’re pregnant for the first time and you have no clue of what to buy before the baby arrives? Been there, done that. I have bought expensive products that I thought were really must haves, but I ended up not using them (as much). Or things that are really must haves in my opinion, but didn’t buy that at that time because I thought they were too much of an investment for a small period of time. I had to go a few times to the store to buy the rest of the necessary things once my twins arrived! As a new mommy you don’t have the time to think about what to buy and it’s essential to prepare yourself beforehand and get that stress out of the way. As a mommy you need to make up for yourself what you find a must have or not, but that will only come with experience. To help you mommies out, I’ve made a list of what’s really a must have for new mommies, created by a mom with 3 little kids. 🙂

1. Stroller. Make sure you buy a flexible stroller, which includes the car seat already, that you can easily put on and off the stroller and use it in the car at the same time.

2. Diaper bag. I find a diaper bag like this one below to be very handy because of all the compartments to keep everything separated. You have the diaper part, another section for bottles, snacks, clothes. I find it important that you can carry it on your back and that it has a section for all the mom’s stuff as well.

3. Nursing pillow. With my first pregnancy with twins, I thought I wouldn’t need a nursing pillow. Was I wrong! It’s the best investment you can make you’re breastfeeding or even feed formula. Make sure it’s made of cotton (like the one below) or organic fabric because the baby will be on it a lot of times in the first months of his life. Most nursing pillows are washable, but you can buy adaptable covers too.

4. Baby carrier. Very handy if you want to be hands free. I have bought it initially to carry my third baby around the house to be honest, while I was busy with my toddler twins. . I was doing chores at the same time and it would feel more secure and it takes less time with these kind of carriers instead of the other that you would just tie.

5. Baby bottle warmer. I regret not buying this immediately after my babies. My milk supply wasn’t sufficient when I had my twins, so I had to go downstairs a few times every night to make the bottles. So bottle warmers just beside your bed are a life saver. It really makes the difference for a good nights rest.

6. Baby swing. Keeps your baby entertained and happy, good for his eye tracking.

7. Baby nest. If your planning to cosleep with your baby, then this might come in handy. You can put this in your bed and it would protect your baby in the adult bed. or you can utilize it as a small baby portable bed while travelling. I have never bought something like this though, I tried to lay my babies always back in their beds for safety reasons, but when you lack sleep you tend to forget things. So I would recommend to get a baby nest just in case you’ll need it.

8. Baby monitor. Of course, to keep an eye or your baby or children. There are monitors that you can connect to your phone.

9. Rear face mirror. When your baby is rear facing, make sure to have an extra mirror just to see how your baby is doing.

10. Baby play mat. Let your baby play around, give him his belly time and discover the world. 🙂 This one has really excellent reviews on Amazon.