10 Ways to Grow Your Email List Fast

Building your email list is key to scaling your small business. They serve not only to build a relationships with your contacts, through conversation or feedback, but it is also crucial to keep them posted of what’s going on in your business. People gave you their email addresses because they were interested in what you have to offer, whether it be for free or not. If you intend to launch products in the future, then a bigger email list will be beneficial, more subscribers equals more sales. But you have to attract the right audience, not just people who won’t be interested in what you have to offer.
Now how do you start to direct the right people to sign up to your blog or website?
People usually don’t search for buying things, unless it adds value to their life. Adding value means that i twill help solve pain points or deal with the problems they’re facing. If you went through the same journey, this will put you even more in an adventage, because your audience can relate to you.

So the most important thing is to offer value for free first so that people get to know you more and become familiar with your brand or business.
Imagine this, when you enter a store and someone hands you a tasty bar of chocolate for free. If it is delicious, you would definitly remember the brand to buy it next time, right?
You have to make it your goal to reach out to as many people as you can from the beginning of your blog or website. Keep in mind, the bigger your email list the greater your income will be.

So what makes people more likely to subscribe with their email address?

1. Free plans, lists, cheat sheets work very well. You have to create multiple ones to see what converts best. I’ve created a simple business plan for mommies because it’s something I struggled with when I began blogging. I did this in the first place for me, but now that I’m more experienced, I can upgrade the plan and share it with other moms. Most beginners have no clue on where to start or where they’re heading.

2. Turn an actual exisiting post into a freebie. Take a look at your analytics and see what post is doing best is most clicked and shared. Turn that into a plan, list or workbook and add things around the topic. You know beforehand that people will love it. My best posts are the ones that talk about how to start a blog. So my audicence is mostly interested in blogging, so I give away stuff that helps them on their way in exchange for an email address.

3. E-book or mini course
Some people go all the way and give away a free book or course that they’ve worked on for weeks and put a lot of effort in. That’s a great way to offer immense value to your reader. If it’s doing really well you can always turn your books or courses into paid products later on.

4. Create something around what is trending on Pinterest, or Google trends, within your niche.
If you’re blogging about the Keto diet, you might create a freebie and niche down more around the keywords that rank high in search engines. If you type in Keto Diet followed by the next word that Google suggests to you, or that Pinterest shows after the keyword you have typed in, then this is a good way to create freebies around already popular keywords.

5. Find inspiration in your niche. Look what other big bloggers do that have gained them so many subscribers. You don’t immitate what they do you just look for inspiration.

6. Create a quiz. People love quizes for a reason, they are fun and it helps you to find an answer to an unclear question. It’s a great way to gain audience. I have used Interact previously for building quizes and it worked really well to gain subscribers. You can find them here.

7. Offer free services to your readers. You can ask them to subscribe if they want some help regarding a certain topic. If you have a topic about fitness for example, you can provide a small specific program based on their shape.

8. Offer webinars or start doing lives and answer questions.

9. Create a guide linking all the bigger bloggers in your niche. For example you assemble all the freebies that big bloggers have to offer and you link back to them. Not only will you get noticed in your niche, but you provide helpful information to your readers.

10. A game, a give-away or a coupon to a physical or informative product. For example, the 5 first subscribers get a 80% off of an ebook or an online course. This will promote your products and gain you subscribers.

Voila, hope that was helpful, let me know in the comment section below.