11 Well Paid Work-at-home Jobs for Moms

Many are looking for a job that they can do at home, especially us moms, we all dream of a flexible job that you can do at home or from anywhere we want and whenever we want. Also, you can easily do it as a side job too. I get that a job where you work for someone else might not bet the most ideal, but it’s a great way to start and gain expertise in the field where you want to be eventually your own boss and be the real mom entrepreneur you want to be. It’s a true learning school and you get paid immediately, whereas as a business owner you have to be more patient when it comes to money-making.

You can learn most skills in a couple of months thru a training or online courses. You are not required to have a college or university degree at all, contrary to what most believe. You can become an expert as long as you are eager to learn. Most companies demand certain skills and quick results, they don’t ask for how long you’ve been in college. Once you’ve gained experience you can obviously charge more for your services.
You can offer your services on sites like Upwork or Fiverr and you can create a website and offer your services.
Let’s jump into it.

1) Video editor

With video becoming extremely popular, many companies would want to hire people who would do it for them. If you have some experience in editing youtube videos, you should definitely give this a try.

2) Freelance writer

Many bloggers or entrepreneurs don’t want to spend hours to create pieces of content, so they outsource this to ghostwriters. If you like writing, like to create content this is what you should do.

3) Photographer

Are your photos picture perfect? Or just unique or artsy? Some companies demand to have these kinds of pictures for their website or social media. You can also start selling your photos on Shutterstock for example, every time your picture gets downloaded you get royalties. Easy passive income.

4) Video transcriber

Many YouTubers have a blog aside and ask for a transcriber to put their video into a blog post. This is a well paid easy job to do.

5) Graphic Design

You don’t have to be a professional one, as long as you’re good you can charge very high and earn a ton of money. Graphic design is very much needed because all need companies need one.

6) Virtual assistant

If you have good administrative skills, you can give this a shot. Again, almost every online business needs a VA. You can help with organizing tasks, answering emails, proofreading etc..

7) Social Media Manager

Everyone knows that social media are extremely important for marketing reasons so social media managers, who take in charge al content creation, Facebook images, Pinterest, Twitter etc… are very high in demand.

8) Web Designer

A very well paid, high in demand job. Usually, they pay you per website. Again, if you’re good with for example WordPress plugins and themes, you can do this, you don’t have to be coding etc.. so don’t be scared to offer what you can do.

9) Copywriter

Covers a variety of topics, but it’s mostly the art of convincing people thru writing. So if you have good writing and marketing skills, you can find yourself a job as a copywriter. This is a fun way to make extra income.

10) Online course or ebook creator

It’s basically a ghostwriter, it’s a bigger project than just a blog post, but if you like this kind of challenges and you prefer to focus on bigger tasks then this is what you should do. Go check Udemy or Teachable to see what kind of e-courses or e books are in demand, if there are some topics you know something about, you can offer this in your services.

11) Website tester

As simple as it sounds, you give feedback on the functionality and appearance of websites. Companies want to know if their website functions properly and if the design is well suited for every device.