10 Reasons why blogging improves your life and that you should start today

People who aren’t very familiar with the blogging world, have a certain image of blogging. They think of it as an online journal with lots of pictures to illustrate where you have been traveling or something that you can use for the latest recipes that you have tried out. This is the image of blogging to many people, but really, blogging can be nowadays turned in a true business.
Many bloggers have made of blogging a full-time job with a full-time income or more. Although making money online is a big asset, there are much more advantages to blogging, it can even improve your life as a person! Let’s discuss the 10 reasons why you should start blogging today.

1. Improve your writing skills

That’s right, if you write on a regular basis and try to capture the attention of your audience, be sure that you will try to your best to improve to express yourself. Even if you’re not a native English speaker, you will learn heaps about the English language and blogging will definitely improve your English

2. Making part of a network, connect with others all over the world

While working at home can feel very lonely, it doesn’t have to be. As a blogger you reach out to other bloggers and connect with same minded people, you really feel part of a big community.

3. Teach /help and inspire people

By putting valuable content out there you inspire, educate and help others to solve their problems. How awesome is it, to be able to help others and make money at the same time?

4. Improve your tech skills

Setting up a website with a certain theme and adding plugins and finding your way in the whole set up can be overwhelming if you don’t have any tech skills. However, if you learn these skills and learn basic SEO, you can get far, it’s very important to improve your technical knowledge where everything goes digital. If you want a guide on how to set up a blog, go to this link.

5. You develop your creativity

You come up with great content, learn how to visualize your text, create beautiful templates and infographics etc… you have to constantly think of ways to stand out in your posts.

6. You develop your photographic skills

Since I’ve been blogging, pictures have become art. it’s crazy how you start to pay attention to things that you didn’t notice before. Making a collage of pictures, match colors and text to create the perfect image that reflects your post and capture the essence of what you want to say, it all makes part of blogging. Make sure to only use free stock pictures, otherwise you violate copywrite laws. You can always take your pictures yourself to make your blog even more personal.

7. Blogging teaches you discipline

As a blogger, you work at home and are free to write only when you want. Sometimes procrastination kicks in, because you put off the things you want to want to only post when they are perfect. Many bloggers have this problem and the best thing to do is to go ahead and post your content and edit later on. If you want your blog to be successful you have to stick to plan or routine and to be consistent and thus posts on a regular basis. Avoid procrastination by making a plan or and to organize yourself in your busy life.

8. You develop an expertise when you start writing

You will learn more every time you dig deeper and write about every aspect of your niche. Let’s say you know a lot about SEO. If you write and do research about how to implement SEO, you will find yourself improving every time and discover things or look at things at different angles as you become an expert.

9. Become a better thinker and actually start forming your opinions and reflect upon them

You’re thinking about how to put down what you’re thinking on paper and to challenge yourself. When your readers interact with you, you will likely start seeing things from another point of view and it creates more content ideas in return.

10. Improve your marketing skills

You learn how to advertise yourself in your posts, you learn the art of how to convince people to buy your products or services. I believe that you can draw the attention of your audience with a few tricks but in the end what counts is that you just have to be good and add massive value to your audience or clients to keep them coming back.
There’s no worse strategy than pushing people to buy or to come over as a desperate seller.
Convincing means that you have this knowledge or product that is so awesome that you want to share with others who will benefit from it.

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