12 Blog Niches that make Money and 82 Sub Niche Ideas to choose from

You don’t know what to blog about because you don’t think that you have any skills or talents? Take a look at this blog post, that might help you. If you still don’t have any idea then this list will help you on your way.
First of all, what I would do is to take a broader niche and then try to sub-niche when you can. You have to test out first the different niches. Think of all the post ideas you can think of. You can come up easily with at least 20 blog post ideas with every (sub)niche I have listed below. Write your first 10 posts before you launch your blog. I have been asked all the time about what to write about. It’s crazy about how many topics and posts you can come up with even if you don’t have any skills or knowledge about something. Just with daily simple stuff like how you do your morning routine, how you dress for work you can create already content for your audience. Keep in mind that it has to be valuable for your readers. You can always add affiliate links or get sponsors to monetize your blog. The sub-niches I’ve put below are just examples, you have endless possibilities you can blog about. You can find related products on Amazon affiliate program, but only recommend what you like and have tested out.
Secondly, to optimize your search results, type any keyword you can think of and put type them in google trends. For example, if you type in ‘keto diet’ then you will see that the trend line goes steadily up. The same for ‘letter boards’ for example. So I’d advise you to type in the keywords in google trends and write your posts around these words so you will rank higher in SEO in Google and get more traffic.
Also, if you’re familiar with Pinterest, and as a blogger you should be, you can check out the keywords underneath the search button what keywords come immediately after. It’s the same with all search engines by the way, same with Google and Youtube.

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