Simple Business Plan for 2019

Starting a business is overwhelming!

There’s a big learning curve, so many things you have to figure out and get done while you have to keep up with your family and all the other duties in life.
To make things easier, you have to planify your vision, your goals and the core of your online business. This free plan helps you get clarity and focus on your business journey and not to get lost in the jungle of information so that you can focus on what’s most important.

Be clear on what you want to do and lay that out for yourself and follow it step by step. Don’t try to focus on too many things otherwise you will end up not finishing any projects that you’ve started. I know from experience how it is to be pulled everywhere and be bombarded by ideas online.

This plan is only a guidline for beginners, once more advanced you can create a detailed business plan. Your goals and vision might also change in the future, but that’s ok, as long as you keep moving forward. Good Luck!

Download the business plan below!

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