5 Ways to Keep your Kids Busy while you Blog during the Holidays

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1. Let them color for you.
We can never have enough of these. My kids adore coloring and it keeps them entertained for a very long time. I put all the art work on the wall for a few days, then it makes room for new ones. I sometimes have the impression that they mistake the walls for coloring pages though. 🙂

2. Let them work with you.
Kids love laptops and they like to be like mommy or daddy. I love this because they get also some education at the same time.

3. Let your kids clean your house while you’re working.
How adorable is this? My kids always love to help me when I’m cleaning, usually they fight about the vacum cleaner, but I prefer this set because there’s more variation in it.

4. A classic one, let them play with blocks!
It can keep them entertained for at least an hour and they develop their designer skills. In all honesty, I don’t like picking up all the blocks after they’re done, so that’s why I hide them and get them out only every once in while. But it’s ok because that keeps it exciting. Although I keep telling my kids to pick up their toys after they’re done playing and even reward them with candy, it is definitely not their favorite thing to do.

5. Have them prepare you a nice meal while you work!
Kids love kitchens! Real ones especially, I can tell from experience. In all honesty, I don’t like my kids hanging around in the kitchen, even when I’m there. It can be fun making cookies or cake with the kiddos, I agree with that, but most of the time I’m not there to bake. When it’s dinner time I just want to fix something quickly instead of worrying all the time about getting burned. So a perfect alternative for the kids, especially during the holiday seasons.

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