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It’s almost that time of the year again. That wonderful time that we spend with our family and sharing food and gifts. It’s not a secret that most people get stressed about the mere fact of thinking about it. What do I cook, how do I decorate, what do I buy for my mom, kids, husband and dad?

You don’t want to be too predictable and don’t want to overspend but at the same time you want to offer something very valuable, affordable and trendy. Well, to make it easier for us I made a list of what I think are really affordable, quality and trendy goods for the whole family. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to get multiple small gifts than a big expensive one.

I have made a seperate post about gift ideas for husband, click here.

1.Gift Ideas for moms

  • Stretch band for Exercising: really handy to use at home or somewhere else, comes with a handy bag, which makes it easy to store everywhere you want. To be honest, I didn’t what they were before, until I saw some YouTubers use it and got really good results with it. You get multiple bands with different resistance. It’s also made of natural latex and really good quality.

  • Organic Castor Oil: Move over coconut oil, nowadays is all about castor oil. It’s great for hair growth, smooth skin, eye lash growth. It’s 100% natural and pure with no chemicals involved.
  • A crockpot: to prepare healthy dinners without complexity for every mom, young and old. This model is not super expensive compared to other ones, but it does its job really well.
  • Everything Bamboo: a bamboo cutting board/serving plate. Organic, pure doesn’t retain bacteria. Great gift that comes in handy in everyday life.

Bamboo beddings or towels: you can’t have enough of luxurious bedding or towels and these ones are bamboo, which means that it doesn’t give you any allergies.

2. Gift ideas for toddlers

  • A food truck: it’s something that they can’t get tired of, because it has so many options and can be used at a later age as well. My youngest is 3 years old, but he still plays with toys he had when he was a smaller toddler.

  • Picasso tiles with 100 pieces: I love these because it keeps them occupied for a while. When I have some chores to do, I make sure I put something like this out of the toy closet. It’s the only way kids don’t fight either with one another because there’s plenty for everyone.

Race cars in: if you have a toddler like mine who has an obsession with cars and the Police, then this is a great gift. He takes them everywhere and never gets enough of his cars, the fact that they can race is super exciting.

3. Gift ideas for girls ages 4 to 9

  • A wireless microphone, to record all the memories. My daughter loves singing and dancing and she definitely will get this for her birthday which is just before the holidays
  • Photo Camera: kids like to mimic parents, so I try to buy them gifts that makes them feel like their mommy of daddy. One of them is this camera
  • Wireless headset: can be used for tablets, TV or in a car during a long drive. It gives them and you great joy. 🙂

4. Gift ideas for boys ages 4-9

The ideas from above for girls can be used for boys too, just choose different colors like blue or green and you have yourself a boy gift. I have 5 year old twins, so I buy sometimes similar things in different colors. If you have kids with a small age difference than I would consider this as well, it saves you a lot of time and the kids are usually happy to receive the same as their siblings.

  • Robots: my son loves anything related to robots and sciences, he’s getting this for his birthday for sure.
  • Kids drone with infrared:

  • A telescope: my son got this last year for his birthday and he loves it. It’s educational and fun for the parents as well.

5. Gift ideas for dads

  • BBQ set: every man would be happy with this
  • Trunk organizer/ vacum, every man should own this :):

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