What Should I Blog About?

You have no clue what to blog about, you don’t know anything about those popular, profitable niches that people talk about… or you have a passion but you know that it won’t provide any side income blogging about it. In this post, I’m going to show you some strategies you can use to find the perfect blog niche.

Grow your passion

Since my twins were born it’s been a hectic life. I had no time whatsoever to even think about hobbies. We had no family nearby and my husband was working full-time late hours. So I’ve been spending my time non stop with my twins and doing all the household chores. They stopped napping in the afternoon when they were 18 months so the only free time I had for myself was when they slept at night.

When I became pregnant with my third child I started to look online on how to make an income. I knew that it would be very hard for me to get back at a 9 to 5 job with three small children.
That’s when we started building our Amazon FBA business. By this time we already had some experience with online marketing for small companies, but it was our first online business and were so excited.
On my journey of learning how to grow our Amazon business, I stumbled upon people who had a business blog aside. I started exploring and learning all the aspects of online businesses. I grew a passion over time. I learned some amazing things that I had to have my own blog to share all the precious information with people who were on the same boat as me. I know that there are moms out there that are desperately trying to look for opportunities to just make an extra 100 dollars for groceries.  Long gone are the days that a stay at home mom was someone without an income. You can be a true entrepeneur while raising your kids at home and be super flexible with the few time that you have.

What to blog about

Many people who want to start blogging ask themselves all the time: what should I blog about or what how can I find out my blog niche?

It’s really difficult to answer this question but in my case, it’s definitely the more information I gained about the niche, the more I got excited. For me it was clear. Everybody has to go thru a learning process nobody is born with skills.
So what I suggest you do is that if you want to simply choose a subject or niche that may interest you and learn as much as you can about it. Google articles on your niche, watch youtube videos, listen to audios in your car and take courses to absorb all the information first. Even if you start blogging you still don’t have to be the expert, you learn on the way and you develop an expertise over time. Once your expertise grows, you usually grow your passion. At first, it is overwhelming but as you learn more about a subject you get excited and develop more self-esteem to blog about. So for example, if you are interested in learning about how to take good pictures or how to eat healthier, then learn first about it and even during the learning process, you can start your blog. Once you’ve written a few posts, you will notice that as you write more, you develop more confidence over time. You can always go back and adapt your first posts or even delete them, so you really have nothing to lose.

Blog about your passion or blog for money?

Again, a difficult question is to decide whether to blog about your passion or to blog for an income. Of course, if you’re lucky you make money with your passion, but it’s not the case for most bloggers. The vast majority blog about their passion and make little money. For the ones who want to start a blog and don’t even have a passion or have any clue what to blog about, you can take a look in the more popular niches, they are more profitable and do generate more money than other niches.

In general, these subjects do very well and are very popular at the moment

1) Wealth
Investing, how to make money, budgeting

2) Health
Fitness, weight loss

3) Lifestyle
Fashion, styling, recipes, cooking, personal relationships

Basically, I would suggest to pick up one of the niches from the above if you want to make an income with your blog.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself if you doubt about choosing the perfect niche

You take one subject at a time and ask yourself each time

-How much do you know about it?
Like I mentioned, even if it’s little, start doing your research and start writing, you learn so much while doing it.

-Can I grow my passion?
Even if you know nothing about a subject you want to blog about, ask yourself if you could be working about it in your spare time and if you could imagine yourself putting all the efforts it takes without it being a real hassle after a while.

-Can I easily monetize it?
Most bloggers make money with affiliate marketing, sponsorships, services they offer etc… ask yourself how you can include affiliate links, if you could promote well-known brands or if you could eventually make money with related courses, e-books or physical products?

-Can I see myself doing this in a few years?
Because with blogging or building a business you don’t make money overnight, you have to focus on the long run. Imagine yourself if you could be still doing the same in two years?

-Is there too much competition?
Check your niche or sub-niche for competition. You can use tools to look at what people search with google trends and check on keywords that have low competition and that still are very searched for.

-How can I stand out?

How can I write better posts, enhance my unique style with humor or with beautiful pictures that draw the attention of the readers.

After you’ve done this, you can either start niching down or start combining subjects to be more unique. Niching down is for example how to budget as a mom, how to cook for big families or pregnancy and postnatal fitness.

Test your niche
Preferably you take a domain name that could cover a broad set of niches. In the beginning, you can test whether or not your posts do well by writing about different topics, once you know what does well, you can start narrowing down to a sub-niche.