How to Start a Blog in 15 min and Make Money in 2020

If you want to set up your blog and don’t how do it, then this will help you set up a blog from scratch in just 15 min. I’ve started blogging without any knowledge about blogging and it took me a lot of time to gather information from here and there. Just focus on one blog post, follow step by step, and start creating your blog without loosing your time in the information overload. You need to put your focus on writing and monetizing instead of figuring the technical blogging stuff. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know where and how to get started, but if you follow the step by step plan below, I promise you that in 15 min you will have your brand new blog installed and functioning.

1. Your first step is to think of a profitable niche to blog about

If you don’t know what to blog about then check this post that helps you to find your niche

2. Choose a domain name

Be creative, don’t overthink it. Choose a domain name that isn’t too long and easy to spell and remember. Keep in mind that most simple domain names are already taken, but no worries, you can be creative and add always a funny twist or synonym or something that links two or three words to describe what you blog about. Take something more generic, so that when you switch to another subject it can cover it as well. Don’t block if you don’t find the perfect name, if your content is great, people will automatically have positive associations to it, even if the name is not perfect.

3. Get a hosting

I use Siteground and I’m very satisfied with it. They have an excellent helpdesk and you can chat 24/7. I really did reach out sometimes in the middle of the night and I got immediate response. They are very knowledgable and helpful.

So go to Siteground en pick the second option. they have a wordPress package and even after you have installed it and you come across problems, they are can solve it for you.

I have the StartUp plan, for a couple of dollars a month, which is the equivalent of a Starbucks coffee per month. 🙂

If you want to test it out, you can cancel within 30 days. So in the end you have nothing to loose but you invest a few dollars in your future and in a new adventure.

4. Install

It’s very important to get instead of That way you own your content. You can also ask Siteground directly to install WordPress via the tab ‘support’ once you’ve purchased your hosting. You can sit back and they do all the work for you. 🙂

If you want to do it yourself, then follow these simple steps below:

To install WordPress via the SiteGround Wizard, you need to go to your Customer Area within Siteground. After you signup for the WordPress Hosting Package and once logged in, you will get a pop-up with Start a new website, select that option and click on the WordPress button, like in the image below, then follow the rest of the steps.

5. Customize

Go to and select ‘dashboard’.

Here’s where you can customize your whole blog, take your time to get used to the settings, tools etc…

6. Install a theme on WordPress

To start with, you can use a free theme. WordPress has a ton of choices and most of them are easy to use. You have to pick up a theme that is adapted for bloggers of your niche. You have themes that are very focused on images for instances and other themes that are more adapted to selling products or writing contents. You can try out different ones and customize as you want. This stade has taken me a lot of time honestly, you just have to go for something to start with, you can always adapt your theme later on.
Also, if you get stuck, you can get help from WordPress. Otherwise, you just go on and search for ‘Wordpress installer’, you can get someone to do the whole thing for you and have the whole blog set up for you.

7. Add your plugins and install Google Analytics

There are plugins made for everything. You can search for plugins for Yoast SEO, SumoMe, spelling check plugin, sharing buttons for social media, etc.. there are tons that can help you optimize your site. Also, connect to Google Analytics to see how you draw traffic, the amount of pageviews that you have per day at what time etc

8. Write your blog posts

Write at least 5 good blog posts, so that people will find already good content and stick longer. Like I said before, I started writing my posts before the set up of my blog and even before I bought my domain name. I’m very glad I did, because it helped me advance faster. When I was trying to figure out the whole tech side of blogging, I had already the content that I wanted to start with, so I wasn’t worrying about that.

9. Set up your social media accounts

Get started with Pinterest, that’s what drives most of traffic for bloggers, especially if you’re a mom blogger, start connecting to Facebook groups within similar niches or niche interests and start making friends and adding value.

10. Draw traffic

Create beautiful images with Canva, write attention drawing titles and add even more good content.

Install a software like Convertkit or Mailerlite that collects emails of your readers, so that you can build your email list.

11. Make money

Most bloggers make money thru ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, e-products like books and courses or offer services.

Now that I’ve guided you through the steps, the most difficult thing to do is probably just to get started. Think about what you would achieve if you just bought your hosting and start writing to publish your content. Click below and just do it!

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