Profitable Online Businesses for Busy Moms

Have you ever dreamt of having an online business and be your own boss and be financially free? To be able to choose yourself when or where you can work or be the digital nomad you and travel around the world while earning money on a beach… Most of us don’t even think this dream can become reality. The majority of people dream of an ideal lifestyle but do not realize that some simple steps and hard work can take you to the stage where you want to be.
To be honest, the majority of people also don’t have any clue on how to build businesses online. When I look at my real life environment people don’t even realize what opportunities that the internet has to offer. Sure, people know how to buy online, how to share pictures and stuff on social media, passing a big chunk of their life hanging out on the internet but the truth is that they don’t have any clue about the endless possibilities! The reality is that there is an enormous potential for online businesses that can make you wealthy and financially free. Frankly, I discovered the true opportunities of the internet just over two years ago. When I think about it now I can’t even imagine how I couldn’t even have figured out after being on the internet for more than a decade. Of course, we’ve all heard about internet millionaires and celebs, but I just thought of them as the famous, influential YouTubers who happened to be lucky or I would think of sellers who had an online store. I never really imagined that everybody could start a business for very little money.
There are various types of businesses you can build up and generate wealth with various income streams.
Now, I’ve figured out what type of business you can build and I’m going to discuss the most interesting and popular ones in my view. The ones that have been proven to have worked for thousands of people around the world.

1) Become an Amazon seller

You can sell private label physical products or sell big brands on Amazon. Amazon handles the inventory, storage and client services for a fee (FBA) or you can choose to do all this by yourself without any fees (FBM). Compared to a physical store, it’s very easy, without the physical hassle of being present in the store. Think of the time you can save.

For Amazon, you have to have a budget to start with. For your first trial order, it’s better to start with a small quantity and a cheaper and lighter product to avoid high fees just to test the market.
Some think that the market is saturated but in my opinion, if you do your research and you do a market well, there are still some good opportunities
The big advantage of Amazon is that it will create passive income once you put up your products, so you obviously won’t be working hours and hours every day to sell your products unless for marketing purposes.

2) Start a blog

Here again, the same question that many people ask themselves. Isn’t the blogging market already saturated? To be honest, there are still bloggers out there who started a few months to a year ago who are making a full-time income with it. It all depends on the amount of work and time you put in it. If you focus on building your audience, listening to their needs and provide value, instead of just putting blog posts out there just for the sake of posting something. Basically, your blog post should be adding value, solving problems and to be specific about a certain niche. Only this you way you can create a big following.
The big advantage of blogging is that you can start blogging with very little money, you just have to buy a domain name, the hosting and start up with and if you decide to upgrade your blog you might pay some extras for certain themes, software etc.. But all in all it’s a very cheap way to start a business.
If you want a guide on how to start a blog step by step, look here.

3) Be an affiliate

If you don’t want to sell physical products on Amazon or if it’s all too complicated and overwhelming for you, you can become an affiliate for an Amazon seller. This basically means that you earn a commission every time someone clicks on your affiliate link and buy something thru the link.
You can include affiliate links in your blog, this a very common way of making money with a blog. But you can for example just set up a website and honestly review the products with whom your affiliated with or show the products on youtube or Pinterest and include your affiliate links. Many YouTubers don’t have a blog and generate money mostly with affiliate products. You have to be honest about reviewing the product, do tell all the negatives otherwise you will lose credibility if you just want to sell. It’s always wise anyway to be honest about your product. When companies start reaching out to you when you have a bigger audience it’s better to promote only the products you like.

4) Create online courses and e-books

If you are an expert or are passionate about a certain subject then you can create your online course or write e-books about your passion and start selling your teachings on platforms like Udemy or do a kindle publishing on Amazon.
People like to educate themselves more and more in a very flexible way and like to buy adapted online courses to learn things in their way, instead of going through traditional training or standard programs. The number one way most bloggers make money is by selling courses and ebooks. If you have a valuable course or ebook, you can charge a fair amount for it.

5) Freelance

If you have good writing skills, if you’re good with social media, web design or graphics skills, you can make a good income online by offering your services on platforms like Fiverr. Or you can create a blog or website offering your services. There is a growing demand for all these skills because of the growing amount of businesses who put themselves online. As a virtual assistant or designer, you can make a full-time income hiring out your knowledge and skills.

I’ve summed up the most profitable online businesses you can do. These are relatively easy to start with, especially if you’re a mom. You can consider all of the above as separate businesses, but you don’t have to. All can be part of one business. Let’s say you start a blog and post about how to promote your blog. You can advertise your social media strategy skills as a freelancer, you can put on some affiliate links in the content of your blog post as well, link to your own Amazon products and offer services like online courses about your subject. Too many people who aren’t very familiar with online business don’t see the ‘big picture’ and would just solely focus on creating content or just on selling products. While a good valuable content is key, it’s important to diversify your income and create multiple income streams thru one business.

6) Get sponsored for promoting big brands’ products

Depending on your audience you can get easily between 50-1000 just for one blog post if you review or promote their product. In the beginning, you can reach out to companies yourself or go to platforms like The Blogger Network or Izea. After you have grown your audience, brands may start contacting you for promotions.

7) Sell your handmade stuff

If you’re handy and creative, then Etsy or Amazon Handmade is the place to be. You can start selling your handmade stuff online. People are always looking to buy handmade and unique things online, it has become more and more popular. You can invest as little or as much as you want.